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What is Makers Empire 3D design? 7 reasons kids should learn it early

September 29, 2021
Makers empire

Design and modeling using 3D by makers empire is a promising field for kids. The use of 3D technology allows for images that look real and realistic when compared to reality.
Research conducted in 2018 across advanced countries like those in the US, UK, and Hong Kong have shown that 3D technology can help children be more enthusiastic and confident. Mainly, students with capabilities and abilities that are not as high have seen significant improvements in their imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking by engaging in learning.

The programs are created with the sole intention of helping children be observant, explore the world, gain knowledge, come up with innovative solutions to problems, and comprehend how fundamental geometry in the modern world.

What is Makers Empire 3D design

In the 3D Design course, students will be taught the basics of 3D digital modeling. After that, they can easily create realistic models of objects and their favorite cartoon characters. At DigiUni Junior, you’ll acquire all the necessary knowledge using software known as Maker Empire – founded by experts in education from Australia.

Makers Empire is a teaching tool for kids aged 4-18 to improve their Design Thinking, stimulate creativity and increase their understanding of geometry and maths by using 3D design. Once parents understand the concept behind Makers empire and what it is, this article will outline 7 reasons children should learn 3D design at an early age.

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1. Your Child becomes a creator

The makers empire 3D design tool allows students to be creators. 3D applications have taken imaginative ideas to a whole new level. Instead of purchasing or using items like toys, kids can make real products with a unique design to suit their individual requirements.

Makers empire

2. Bring art closer to your child

Children are designers and creators by using the latest technology. The ideas and pictures created by children are not just pictures using creative strokes, but becomes a tangible object that children can print using 3D technology. Additionally, children will learn valuable knowledge, such as spatial geometry, understanding the conversion process of the representation of 2D into 3D.

Makers empire

3. Get your child excited about the learning process

The 3D design is a highly new technology that is a new one for Vietnamese children. This is why it is a “great element” to attract attention and stimulate curiosity in youngsters. 3D design can help children understand the interdisciplinary field in a particular method. This is no longer just dull theory classes; now, kids can use maker empire from entering the classroom.

Makers empire

4. Children become responsible digital citizens

Makers Empire has created an online community that is dedicated to its members. Children can connect, chat, like comments, and comment on stunning and innovative designs. The discussion and assessment will encourage your child to become an artist of distinction and an informed digital citizen.

Makers empire

5. Makers empire offers many interesting lectures

There are hundreds of topic about the fascinating world of biology that includes animals and plants, the life cycle, and its influence on design in the realm of 3-D modeling. Maker Empire offers over 150 lessons with the explicit intention of helping children develop the ability to observe, discover the world in an innovative ways.

Makers empire

6.You kids can make friends through Makers empire.

As previously mentioned, Makers empire builds an online community of users, allowing children to engage and communicate. In addition to their primary educational activities, children have to interact with their peers to develop their own capabilities and social abilities. Through these activities, kids can build their communication skills and make a new companion stay on the path of their childhood.

Makers empire

7.Solve real-world problems

3D technology is predicted by scientists to bring positive changes to the world. One of the significant applications is 3D Printing and Design with Maker empire that has contributed to creating 3D products in real life. 3D printers allow children to turn their long-cherished ideas into real objects. It has only appeared for the past 40 years; it is being applied in all fields such as architecture, technology, medicine, and robotics. So in the future, 3D will help people solve problems that are still unknown.

Makers empire

With the current rapid development of 4.0 technology, as well as the rise of information technology, 3D modeling and design promises to be an extremely developing field in the future. DigiUni Junior is a trusted design and programming training center, providing multimedia graphic design course from basic to advanced for children from 9 to 18 years old.

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