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Top 10 popular machine learning applications

October 1, 2021
machine learning applications

Machine learning is referred to as the most modern technology the current technological world. It is a tech growing rapidly in the 4.0 age, with numerous applications to our everyday lives. In this article, we’ll discover 10 different machine learning applications.

(Source: Simplilearn)

Parents can find out more about the definition of machine learning here


Image recognition is among the most well-known machine learning application. It can be used to detect things, people, locations, digital images, and so on. Most popular are face and image recognition.
Facebook offers auto-suggest features to tag friends. Every photo you share on Facebook machine learning will suggest you tag your friends by name. The basis of this technology is the machine learning facial recognition and detection algorithm.

(Source: Feed My Curiosity)


Did you realize that the “Voice search” function of Google comes from the intricate machine learning algorithm?

The process of speech recognition can be described as a speech-to-text conversion process. Today, machine learning speech-to-text algorithms are extensively used in numerous applications like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

machine learning applications


Today, it’s normal to visit an area that is foreign to the local language because we can completely take the initiative in communication by using machine learning applications in translation-interpretation. Machine learning assists in converting texts into languages. Google’s GNMT (Google Neural Machine Translation) is the program that provides this feature.

Google Neural Machine Translation is a sequence-learning algorithm employed to detect images and translate texts from one language to another.

machine learning applications


Machine learning applications are frequently employed by e-commerce and entertainment companies such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. It is used to recommend and suggest products to customers. If you look for an item on Amazon, you are automatically shown ads related to that product when browsing the Internet.
Google recognizes the preferences of its users by employing different Machine Learning algorithms to suggest products based on the user’s interests.

(Nguồn: Ai for business)


The most exciting in machine learning application is the development of self-driving automobiles. Machine learning plays a significant part in the functioning of self-driving automobiles. Tesla is a renowned automaker researching self-driving cars employing an unsupervised learning technique to train models of cars to recognize objects and people while driving

(Source: Smitha Kolan – Machine Learning Engineer)


Machine learning will automatically sort emails into three groups: important, normal, and spam. This technology is based on machine learning algorithms, such as Perceptron, a multilayered Perceptron, and the Naive Bayes classifier used to block spam and detect malware

machine learning applications


One of the most famous Machine learning application is personal virtual assistants such as Google, Alexa, Cortana, Siri. The virtual assistants operate by listening to the voice of the user. When we speak to the telephone, it is recorded and then transmitted through a server cloud. It is then decoded using algorithms for ML. They can execute various commands such as playing music, making a Telephone Call and Open Email, scheduling an appointment, etc.

machine learning applications


Machine learning plays an essential role in the protection of transactions online. Machine learning can make it easier for banks to identify frauds like fraudulent accounts, fake IDs, and theft of money during transactions. Feed-forward Neural Network is an application of Machine learning that can make it simple to determine if the marketing is genuine or fraudulent.

machine learning applications


The use of machine learning is used extensively for trading on the market for stocks. The demand for stock will always be characterized by uncertainties regarding the fluctuation of the market. Therefore, machine learning can be utilized to predict the direction of the market.

machine learning applications


In the field of medicine, the use of Machine learning is utilized to detect illnesses. Machine learning is a great way to detect brain tumors as well as related diseases of the brain. Today, with the tremendous technological advancement in medicine, we’ve developed 3D models that accurately determine where lesions are located inside the brain.

machine learning applications

Machine learning applications can be found in various fields, from finance, medicine, accounting, economics, and marketing. This is a significant breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. Thus, providing children with the chance to learn about technological advances is the best way to allow their development into the future.

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