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3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Getting Your Kids Into 3D Printing Today

June 24, 2021

Coding for kids (otherwise known as computer programming) is growing rapidly in popularity.

3d printing

It’s no secret that technology is becoming more popular in daily life, especially with kids. What was once reserved for engineers and scientists, 3D printing is an activity available for all. Its uses are endless. If you have a 3D model and a 3D printer, you can create and personalize just about anything. Taking your thoughts and turning them into solid objects is now easier than ever. 3D printers are easy to find, no fuss to get started, and, most importantly, kid-friendly. You (and your kids) already know how cool 3D printers are, but do you know how beneficial they are for kids?

Unlimited Creativity

All children must be able to express themselves. At first, many parents jump to conventional artistic mediums like painting or creative writing. However, 3D printing is an up and coming medium that is just as, if not more, effective. Your child can bring their ideas to life with something colorful and just as unique as they are. 3D printing offers an edge of customization that other artistic avenues don’t have. They can even make their own toys. Gone will be the days where you have to go to the store to find your child’s favorite superhero. Your child can make their own superhero toy now that is exactly how they envision it. They can even make little toy versions of themselves with companies like Little You.

Confidence building and socialization

According to 3D printing expert and founder Christina Guo at Little You, a rewards application for children to create, sell, and share 3D printed toys, emphasizes the numerous benefits of 3D printing for children. There are social benefits and confidence-building benefits. Kids face countless problems at school that require them to use critical thinking skills. Also, as students get older, they are more afraid of failure and begin to lose the desire to think outside the box to conform with school expectations. 3D printing offers the support they need to not only stay curious learners but give them the ability to confidently work with peers to solve problems.

3d printing

Hands-on Learning

One of the biggest complaints of society now is how kids spend too much time in front of screens and don’t spend enough time interacting with the real world. So much learning can be done online, but students need face to face interaction. They need to be able to play with something in front of them and create with their hands. With 3D printing, they can get all the benefits of the three different learning styles: they visually see the 3D models, they can touch 3D printed toys and objects, and they can talk with others while using the 3D printer.

Ultimately, you want what’s best for your children. You want them to be curious thinkers, problem solvers, and confident kids eager to help others and the world. Investing in their creativity and confidence through 3D printing is a no brainer. You are just one 3D printer away from helping your child unlock all the greatness and potential you already know is inside them.

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