What is machine learning ? 5 reasons why kids should learn it early

September 30, 2021

What is machine learning ?

what is machine learning

Much more than we think technology trends are being integrated into our everyday lives all over the world from construction to healthcare. They not only help and improve how we conduct our lives across the entire spectrum of industries, but they’ll completely transform them.

Machine learning – is one of the branches of Artificial Intelligence, which is used in applications like editing text such as this article, google translator, the anti-bot captcha systems Chatbots, Search engines, personal assistants, product suggestions, self-driving vehicles.

Machine learning is the term used to describe data analysis automated that lets computers learn through experience or training data. Then, machine learning can predict or makedecisions without any human input or programming.

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(Source: Oxford University)

1. Understand the algorithms

The idea behind an algorithm is an instruction set that you can give to your computer to complete a particular task. The listed algorithms will instruct the computer in performing tasks like analyzing, processing, giving results, or making decisions. Understanding the “logic” behind the algorithms can make learning how to code much more enjoyable.

what is machine learning

2. Problem-solving

Machine Learning will help children to simplify problems into smaller ones and solve each problem one at a. This helps children think critically, make rational decisions and develop problem-solving skills. At this stage, young children are more open to ideas, so parents need to teach respect, discipline and, foremost, machine learning.

what is machine learning

3. Big Data

Our world today is controlled by data. Big data is the collection of massive, rapidly changing varied data that traditional technology cannot handle within a specific amount of time. Big data can improve business processes and analyze data in fields such as marketing, finance, and business. This is why we require the help of machine learning. Introducing children to the extensive data system and how it can be used in machine learning at a basic level will allow them to understand more about the technology and its functions.

what is machine learning

4. Opportunities

Machine learning is everywhere around us. We all utilize machines learning tools all the time – like spam filters recommendations engines, chatbots, services for translating languages, or digital assistants as well as search engines as well as fraud detection and prevention systems. Soon, it will be common for machines to control our cars as well as assist doctors in diagnosing and treat illnesses.

In the future, machine learning is expected to be utilized in various fields and integrated into standard systems. Over 73 percent of companies plan to implement Machine learning. This puts the need for AI engineers extremely high and opens up more employment opportunities. Therefore, parents should equip their children with a basic understanding of Machine Learning to create more opportunities for their children’s future.

what is machine learning

5. Ethics and Humanity

The growth of AI opens the conversation between humans about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning isn’t only about teaching children technical abilities. If you are creating an AI, you must educate it on moral and ethical principles. It is your responsibility to establish the machine’s standards. Children learn the importance of discipline and eventually become ethical members of the community.

what is machine learning


The fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning isn’t only for computer scientists. It’s a new world that our children can begin to explore now. We think it’s crucial. Technology will define the future. We’re not about it in the future It’s already happened. We live in a society in which the majority of jobs require computers and software. So, giving kids the opportunity to comprehend technologies is the best way to allow them to grow for the future.

 DigiUni Junior  offers a variety of technology courses in programming – design for children aged 5-18. Especially with our Scratch-Python programming courses, we combine Machine Learning (machine learning) through fun interactive games and projects, let your child have a passion for programming and help them go further on their career path

We understand that learning to code effectively requires the support of experienced and dedicated IT instructors. And especially, we focus on individual attention to each student’s learning, the class has only 3-8 students, 1 main lecturer and 1-2 teaching assistants who always listen, guide and keep patience to explain for each. It is also the key to help students progress to improve fast and go deeper on the way to conquer their future.

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